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André Lützen visited Congo twice, travelled up the River Congo with a UN patrol boat and took pictures, aboard and ashore. The route coincides in large part with that of Joseph Conrad who in 1890 served as an officer aboard the steamer ›S.S. Roi des Belges‹. And like Conrad, who resigned, seriously ill and disillusioned, after just six months, André Lützen experienced the journey on the river as a trip to the ›heart of darkness‹.

Climate, flora, fauna, the river, poor dwellings, restless, searching people, filth and garbage - all foreign, threatening, dangerous. Darkness, deep shadows, shimmering heat, steel cold nights and a feeling of latent violence permeate the book, in which photographs, drawings and macro photographs of the retina form a feverish dream.

Only that you can not wake up, it's reality.

The book concludes with excerpts from Joseph Conrad's personal logbook, encompassing notes, instructions and sketches about navigating the River Congo.

124 Pages
19,3 x 27,0 cm
58 Color photographs, 6 BW drawings
Excerpts fom Joseph Conrad's nautic
diary Up-river book (HEART OF DARKNESS)