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"Mothers begged me to take photos of their daughters, who asked me in turn to shoot a portrait of their boyfriends to whom they dedicated their beauty to. I imagined love stories between boys and girls who just wanted to be filmed and photographed together, between fiction and reality, lovers for a day or a summer."

Captured mostly in rich black and white images and some colorful splashes of yellow walls, red italian cars and green bikinis these atmospheric photos bear the imprint of a fascinated, passionate observer and stroyteller.

Claude Nori succeeds masterfully in capturing that mixture of Mediterranean lifestyle and carefree holiday spirit that awakens memories and longings in us all. You can almost hear the jukebox hits of yesteryear in your head and smell the peculiar mix of sunscreen and the salty air.

Claude Nori - Italian Holidays

176 pages, color and tritone images
23 cm x 28 cm