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Evgeniy Vasin. Just a life

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ISBN 5-900334-09-0 

I call it "Hunt" - the same work, risk, wish of success and the same feeling of joy in the case of luck. My name is Evegniy Vasin. For the first time I went to the - street with a camera in august of 1988. My new hobby turned out very interesting. Now I have more than 2000 negatives in my collection. For publishing in this book I have chosen several pictures about the life of town streets, which I hope are not very dull. Prior to my work as a photo reporter, I served in the Army, was a student of Novosibirskiy Electronical Institute, worked as electronics engineer. Now I'm 47, I have ideas, I'm eager to work and I believe that my "main hunt" is waiting for me.

Evgeniy Vasin