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Golden Hour: Kanghee Kim

Golden Hour: Kanghee Kim

Golden Hour captures the magic of the golden hour– the moments immediately after sunrise and before sunset–through a time-lapse from daylight to dusk. Golden Hour is a photography collection from her ongoing project Street Errands, a series of collaged photographs portraying everyday errands in New York, California, Colorado, and Hawaii. Because of visa restrictions, she has not been able to return to Korea or travel outside of the U.S for over ten years. Kim copes with restraints through surreal escapism by manipulating images produced from mundane encounters. She liberates herself from the restraints of reality by layering familiar spaces into new ones.

Golden Hour
Published by Same Paper
Designed by Jinkui Zhou

Edition of 666
136 pages, 64 images
220mm x 284mm
Cloth Gilt Hardcover
Printed in Zhejiang Landl Printing Industry Co.,Ltd
Published in Hong Kong, China
Autumn 2018
50 EUR
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