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Helga Härenstam: In Waiting for What is to Come

Helga Härenstam: In Waiting for What is to Come

The author inherits a photo album after her grandmother, from her upbringing at Mnene mission station in former Rhodesia almost 100 years ago. Helga opens the album, reads the note ”In waiting for what is to come” and finds that almost half of the photos in the album are missing. She decides to travel to the Mnene ”in order to end the album in some way”.
In the book, designed as grandmother's album, the old pictures meet Helga’s new. The images are combined with notes and quotes – a before and after filtered by chance, associations, conceptions and fantasies.
In waiting for what is to come circles round memory, photography, family, power, religion and colonialism.

51 color images + 48 archival b/w images • Editing: Helga Härenstam, Gösta Flemming • Design: Helga Härenstam • Hardcover • 280 x 200 mm • 112 pages • English • 2018
32 EUR