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If You Have a Secret by Irina Popova

If You Have a Secret by Irina Popova

The second version of the photo book "If You Have a Secret" by Irina Popova, published in August 2017 by Dostoevsky Publishing (Amsterdam)
printed at A4 ofset, Istanbul.
Edition of 400 English + 100 Russian copies, all numbered and signed.
Size - 23 x 29 cm
Weight 750 gr
128 photo pages + 64 text pages.

The second version has a different design, double-folded "secret" pages, and other features. The photos are only 75% the same with previous edition, and the texts are re-vised and re-edited.

Price - 35 euro + world shipping 11,65 euro
Europe shipping - 9,75 euro
Netherlands shipping - 3,95 euro
Russia shipping - 200 roubles.

orders are possible via PayPal, please address with the inquiries.
special thanks
Murat Ceceli, Jason Eskenazi, Alparslan Baloglu, Alastair Haigh, Anastasia Bogomolova, Jenia Gutova

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