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In Quarta Persona: Martin Errichiello & Fellippo Menichetti

In Quarta Persona: Martin Errichiello & Fellippo Menichetti

With the industrialization, in all landscapes the modern world was inaugurated, imposing its languages and its aesthetics, but above all a new power, which in Calabria - or in one of the many south - offered the common men two destinies: from oppressed or from corrupt. To separate them, a desert was imagined.

The history evoked in this book is, therefore, ours, precarious because plural: often dispersed in the mysteries of power, silenced, removed, in other cases only archived, it is still told on the back of an old photograph. Or in the toil of work, in the dust of documents, in the smoke of memories, in the words of struggle and in squalid, human impotence. The destiny of images, of men and of their stories finds life in those lesions which, through an active practice of memory, from an inert deposit finally become an instrument for a new narration, in which they can freely tell what has been seen, to claim what we lost, celebrate what we loved.

May 2018 
Edition of 500
168 Pages
Swiss binding
Gray cardstock cover

In the Fourth Person  Created by Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti. 

Designed by Nicolas Polli

Texts by Vittorio Iervese, Marcello Anselmo
Language: ITA / ENG

38 EUR