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Magnus Cederlund: Skin Close

Magnus Cederlund: Skin Close

The portraits in the book are taken between 1996 and 2016 by Magnus Cederlund, born in Stockholm and living in Copenhagen since almost 30 years. He has worked as a social worker with homeless people in many different institutions, but never more than two years at the same place.
“When I began working at a new job, I would return to my previous workplace and asked if I could take photographs,” says Magnus.
Magnus Cederlund has portrayed people living on the edge. From the intimacy of the situations, the confidential gestures and the direct gaze of the persons being portrayed, his working method becomes present – he takes the time it takes to get to know the people in front of his camera, they trust him and he cares about them.

65 color and b/w images • Text by Keith Thomas Lohse • Translation to English: Ted Pappas and to Swedish: Rasmus Cederlund • Editing: Gösta Flemming and Magnus Cederlund • Design: Gösta Flemming • Hardcover • 170 x 224 mm • 136 pages • English/Danish/Swedish • 2018

38 EUR