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Memories of an Artisan: Mark Welegen

Memories of an Artisan: Mark Welegen

The photos of Mark Welagen, on the other hand, require attention and long-term viewing. Not easily understood, but immediately fascinating, they make sure people stop and pay attention. The subject matter and the use of material are interwoven in Mark's work; it is impossible to consider one without the other. In his hands, landscapes and portraits can easily transform into aesthetic abstract images that resemble chemical reactions, which in fact they are. On the other hand, the use of paper and light in his studio can create images that remind us of landscapes and even silhouettes of people. Then you never know exactly what you are looking at.

Mark is a historian of photographic techniques, but he also enjoys the use of disposable cameras from recycled shops. Some of his pictures have not even been made with a camera.

Design: Mark Welagen
Publisher:  De Monsterkamer
Text:  Wouter van Herwaarden
Ed .: 100
Scope:  64 pages
Size:  17 x 24
25 EUR