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PHANTOM PAIN / Katya Demidova

PHANTOM PAIN / Katya Demidova

Photography project by Katya Demidova.

Phantom Pain is a series of pictures by a Russian photographer Katya Demidova, exploring the symptoms of phantom pain as a result of a separation. The images capture the atmosphere of the emotional journey from sadness, grieving and the feeling of loss to the inner change, acceptance and ‘letting it go’.

A series of 16 photographs is accompanied by a poem-like short story by the artist. "In 2010 I went to Spain with my partner knowing that by the end of the trip we were going to separate. Our break-up was inevitable. I flew home alone. It was the first time when I experienced phantom pain."...

Born in Moscow, Katya Demidova moved to London to study Fine art at the University of the Arts London, continued her journey in photography with MA in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster. Katya's works focus on the exploration of social issues such as youth, ageing and cultural identity. The artist currently lives and works in Mexico.

18,5 x 25 cm, 36 pages
Letterpress embossed soft cover
ISBN 978-961-288-365-2
Published in 2018
18 EUR